Have you recently been offered a promotion and not sure how to negotiate it? You may want to just know the purpose of negotiation and what you should expect, if it is your first ever promotion. You want to know and under stand the job that you are being offered. You will also want to know what options you may have. You will find many negotiation tips, helpful to you.

What Are You Being Offered

The word promote and the word promotion, are tricky ones when it comes to work. When you are first offered a promotion you should take your stance there. You want to know what you are worth and be firm on what you want and what you are being offered. Why? Because this is the purpose of negotiating. You want to promote yourself, not demote yourself. You may find in this world what some people may tell you is a promotion, may not exactly be what you had in mind and that is where the art of negotiation comes in.

From the start you want to ask questions. It is important for you to understand what you are being offer and you may want to even do some research on the subject of the market that you are in. You do not have to except a promotion right the second you were offered it. You will have time to think about it and research it so that you know what is right for you.

Master The Art of Negotiation

Now that you have clear exactly what it is that you are negotiating and why. You want to be able to master the art of negotiation. You will want to know how to project your image, how to stand out in a crowd, how to demand attention and how to “stand your ground”.

When you are first offered a promotion you will want to be able to project your image. You can maintain you position on any subject but yet project your image a professional and respectful. Your image is everything in negotiating. It will help in not only getting you the promotion, but as well aid in negotiating.

You should always maintain your position and never back down. You are worth what you think you are worth and people may try to buy you at a price that is just not fair. You should make your opinions on matters clear and concise.

When first offered a position, it is often tempting to jump at it. This is a mistake that many people make and you may want to avoid. It is best to let time pass and think about and research the position before taking the offer.

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